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Selam Tesfayes son amazing birthday celebration

Selam Tesfaye celebrated the birthday of her son with her friends.


The government’s decision to set aside Gamo Zone as a region is unconstitutional – GADEPA

👉🏽 The party also stated that the government’s approach is a danger to the peace of the region and the country

Gamo Democratic Party announced that the way the government followed to divide and establish the southern region in a new structure did not follow the constitutional procedure.

According to the chairman of the party, Mr. Darot Guma, as clearly stated in the constitution, a zone that raises the question of regionalization must be approved by the zone office and submitted to the regional office. He explained that following this approach, the government came up with a new organization without getting a response to the request that the zone be structured as a region.

Bisrat Radio heard that the zone submitted a complaint to the Federation Council on December 30, 2012 asking for a response to the request of the State Council following the constitutional approach.

The new cluster arrangement has decided to reorganize the Gamo zone into a new region with Walayita, South Omo, Gofa and Konso zones and Amaro, Ale, Burji, Basketo and Derashe special districts. This does not respect the will of the people and the supremacy of power, the party announced in a statement today.

Ato Sitika Sme, the head of the elder care sector of the Gamo Advisory Association, said that the way of organizing in clusters is not acceptable as it forces people to go to different cities to carry out issues and also raises questions about the way of organizing.

He added, Bisrat Radio heard that they said that the government should look into the question properly, as the way of organizing in clusters could have negative results because the people made a hasty decision without getting a response to the people’s request. The chairman of the party said that the decision poses a threat to the peace of the region and the country.

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