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Dre Credit and Savings Institute’s 2014 fiscal year summary customer recognition forum was held

Dre Credit and Savings Institute was established in 1994 and started working in 1996 in Dre Dawa administration and neighboring regions, especially for the weak who can work; Mr. Teshome Abebe, head of the Dre Loan and Savings Institute, said that it is an institution that is proving its development partnership by providing loan and savings services to unemployed youth.

Mr. Teshome Abebe added that the institution has been providing efficient services by making changes in the loan amount, guarantee estimates, and interest rates to increase the satisfaction of the customers at various times.

The institution has completely moved away from the current manual system and entered into a modern core banking digital system and is providing fast and efficient services, said the head of the institution, Mr. Teshome Abebe.

While explaining the payment system, Mr. Teshome said that we are working together with Ethio-Telecom to update it with a digital system, and he said that any customer of the institution can pay and withdraw from any region of Ethiopia.

Financial institutions have an irreplaceable role in addressing poverty and unemployment in a meaningful way, said Sultan Aliyi, representative of the Honorable Mayor of Dredawa administration and head of the Financial and Economic Development Office.

At the forum, Mr. Sultan said that small credit and savings institutions should be recognized as the leading institutions for the success of our journey to prosperity by contributing to freeing the lower-income sections of the society from poverty and backwardness.

Ato Sultan said in the forum that the efforts of the Dre Loan and Savings Institution, in addition to the regular loan and savings services, by providing interest-free loan and savings services to many citizens to improve their lives and livelihoods and make the financial services accessible to all sections of the society, should be encouraged.

In addition to this, the effective activity that is being achieved by providing machinery leasing services to the small, small and emerging medium enterprises engaged in the manufacturing, construction and service sectors, as well as the young people who have the knowledge and skills who have not entered work due to financial problems, is an activity that can be mentioned as an act of financial and economic development. Mr. Sultan Aliyi said.

Finally, the customers and clients of the institution discussed the service delivery of the institution.

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