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The media complex built by Fana at a cost of 100 million birr was inaugurated in Desa.

Addis Ababa: The media complex built by Fana Broadcasting Corporation at a cost of 100 million birr was inaugurated in Desse.

At the graduation ceremony, the CEO of Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Admasu Damtyu, said that the media is not only accessible to information, but Fana Broadcasting Corporate is realizing its dream of being accessible to people and resources.

He said that the construction is designed to be inclusive of all services, and he said that it is to increase the convenience and accessibility of the work that was being done on the radio, as well as the center of the television and digital media.

He stated that the fact that Fana Broadcasting’s corporate access binds the country is not only from the center but also from the region to the center.

He also stated that the institution is the voice of the masses, which has become popular and preferred in our country’s media industry by handling and involving community-oriented issues in the media sector.

Above all, Fana Broadcasting Corporation, which preaches the principle of content, diversity and quality over profit, has broadened the horizon of radio broadcasting by understanding the current situation of our country, in addition to the popular Fana 98 Point 1, which is broadcast at the central level, and currently has ten regional FM stations and a popular TV station. .

He stated that in terms of serving the society in the field of digital media, which is redeeming the times, it is preferred and popular in Ethiopia.

He pointed out that Dese Fana 96 point 0 is one of the three FM radio stations established by the Amhara regional government out of the ten regional FM stations in operation.

Ato Admasu added that it is the 12th year since Dese Fana 96 Point 0 was established and started providing information services in the North Wolo and South Wolo zones of the Amhara State, as well as in the Afar region.

He said that the modern building that will be inaugurated today is the day after our country, especially the direct listeners of our station, Dembe, our good people who have been using it as owners, and the leadership at all levels have overcome the great hardships suffered by the invading group and carried out many restoration and construction works.

He said that the modern building, which was built at a cost of 100 million birr, has eight floors and three more floors below the ground that provide many services.

He pointed out that the media complex has a modern studio and a television studio.

He said that Fana will build this modern building, but its permanent wealth belongs to the people.

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