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The commercial office of the administration announced that it is working to solve the problem of cement shortage in Dredawa administration.

  There are two huge factories that produce cement on a daily basis in Dredawa administration, which are National Cement Co. and Pioneer Cement Factory. Although these cement factories are producing a lot of cement every day, due to the lack of supply of cement in the required amount in the city, there is a huge shortage of cement in Dredawa administration. Regarding this, Mr. Aminu Taha, who is in charge of Dredawa Administration Trade Office, gave a press conference to the media experts today.

  In order to solve the problem of cement shortage in the city, Mr. Aminu Thaha said that the government has issued a new directive to create a situation where the cement produced can be directly accessible to the public through various cooperatives, consumer associations and development organizations.

  Aminu Taha said that the guidelines set to be implemented from July 5, especially the consumer cooperatives under the management, especially the youth, will be encouraged to participate.

  Mr. Amunu Thaha said that by recruiting strong cooperatives from all the kebeles under the management of Dredawa, these unions will take out cement from the factory and store it in warehouses, and from tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, all the unions will produce cement and sell cement in each kebele.

  In the past, the trade and revenue coordination in each kebele took this into consideration and used the market stabilization task force to ensure that cement is not used for other purposes or sold by air, and that besides making the users able to find and buy cement based on the profit margin of 5 percent, there is a strict control and monitoring. The reason for this is that the community will take this into consideration and a way will be created for those who have construction permits to obtain cement through trade coordination and trade offices by showing their permits, the official said.

  Ato Aminu said that the cement factories in Dredawa administration are obliged to sell 20 percent of their daily cement production on Dredawa and because of the responsibility of taking these cements through consumer cooperatives and development organizations and making them accessible to consumers, all the residents of the city should follow this and solve the current cement shortage problem caused by Dredawa administration. He announced this in a press conference given to members of the media today.

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