Excellent youth Amazing testimony

Excellent youth Amazing testimony time.

It was announced that more than 77 thousand people in Amaro special district need urgent food aid

The agriculture office of the special district has announced that more than 77 thousand 440 people are in danger of starvation due to conflict and drought in Amaro special district. Ato Adamu Aredo, an expert in the disaster risk management early warning section of the Special District Agriculture Office, told Bisrat Radio that a large number of children, elderly and pregnant women in the district, especially in the lowland kebeles, are suffering from severe food shortages.

As a result of the conflict between West Guji Zone and Amaro Special District, it has been observed that the citizens who have been displaced from their areas and have been living in temporary shelters for 6 years have been living there.

The expert said that the number of children, the elderly and women who are facing food shortages in health facilities is increasing every time. The expert said that due to the drought, corn and teff have been almost completely destroyed. Therefore, the government and non-governmental aid organizations are doing their part because it is in a situation that could cause a great massacre of human life if urgent help is not provided. They called for their participation.

Following the incident, the public relations director of the commission, Ato Debebe Zewde, specifically told Bisrat Radio that no support request has been submitted to Biserat Radio’s request to the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission as to whether there is any support sent to the district. They have raised the fact that it has not been sent yet as it does not send a base but also support. However, if there is a further request for support from Amaro special district, we are ready to send support, he told Bisrat Radio.

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