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The Dredawa Management Council approved a budget of more than 5.1 billion birr for the 2015 fiscal year.

Dredawa City Management Council completed its regular meeting by approving and appointing a budget of 5 billion 138 million 454 thousand birr for the fiscal year 2015.

The council also discussed the bill prepared to amend the Dredawa living charter in its 3rd regular meeting of the 1st year.

Sultan Ali, the head of Finance and Economic Development Office of Dredawa administration who presented the budget allocation to the council, said that the federal government has provided 1 billion 936 million 889 thousand birr as a budget subsidy from the proposed budget.

He pointed out that the rest is available from the revenue collected from the administration.

He said that this year’s proposed budget has an increase of 907 million birr or 21 percent compared to last year.

He also said that 2 billion 484 million birr from the allocated budget has been allocated for existing capital projects that ease the public’s basic development and good governance needs.

He said that this year especially, the administration will pay attention to the development projects that have already started in rural and urban areas to bring about basic results.

They also mentioned that the projects will contribute in reducing the unemployment rate.

He stated that in addition to the federal government’s subsidy and the budget from the administration, 561.1 million birr will be allocated to the administration from development partners.

ESA reported that the members of the council approved the budget after a wide discussion on the budget allocation with one abstention.

In addition to the budget approval, the council gathered basic resources by discussing the bill prepared to amend the Dredawa livelihood charter.

He noted that the bill will be sent to the Federation Council for approval.

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