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Meseret Mebrate is a beautiful and talented actress who have graced Ethiopian movies over the years.

Gratitude – is a virtue in which we look at the good gifts we have rather than the things we lack – followers of the Catholic faith

Addis Ababa: Catholics said that gratitude is a virtue that makes us look at the good gifts we have received instead of the things we lack.

Followers of the Catholic faith gathered at the Birth of Mary Catholic Church and carried out the “Give Ethiopia” program today.

The program was carried out with prayers and religious lessons in the presence of religious leaders and followers of the faith.

In his message delivered at the Nativity of Mary Catholic Church, Komos, Father Tamrat Tumdedo said, “If a human being is grateful, he can see the good gifts given on earth instead of the things he lacks in his life.”

Therefore, they said, we should thank our Creator for all the good things that have been done to us in our lives.

On the other hand, Gebru Habteyohannes, the priest of the Nativity of Mary, said that the human being should thank the creator in any situation.

It was Sister Zamtawork Melaku who said that people should give thanks for all the good things that have happened on this earth.

ESA reported that gratitude should not be limited by circumstances.

Mr. Michael Ejamo, a follower of the faith, said that apart from praising the creator, the culture of mutual support and appreciation should be developed.

Sister Zamtawork Melaku called on parents to play their role in an appropriate manner in order to build a morally educated and grateful generation.

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