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ABC’s main news of July 19, 2022.

• The country’s government has announced that Sudan has decided to open its border with Ethiopia through Galabat. The government of Sudan announced in a statement issued yesterday that the country has decided to open the border with Ethiopia in the Galabat area from July 10, 2014 in order to resolve the conflict with Ethiopia in a peaceful way.

• The Ethiopian athlete Goitetom Gebreslase won the gold medal for her country by winning the women’s marathon in the 18th Athletics Championship.

• Ethiopian citizens have announced to the Social Justice Party (Izema) that they will work extensively to make the national consultation forum in Ethiopia a success.

• The Supreme Council of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs elected the members of the General Assembly and Executive. The General Assembly named Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa as President, Sheikh Abdul Karim Sheikh Bedardin and Abdul Aziz Abdul Wale as Vice President and Sheikh Hamid Musa as Secretary General.

• The Head of Government of Amhara Region, Dr. Yelkal Kefale, and the Head of Government of Benishangul Gumuz Region, Mr. Ashadli Hassan, left their mark on the border area of ​​the two regions.

South Korea’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Kang Seoki, said that South Korea wants to strengthen its trade, investment and other good relations with Ethiopia.

• The Ministry of Industry announced that in the last fiscal year, more than 500 million dollars was earned in the industrial sector.

• Mayor Adanech Abebe presented a 2-bedroom house to the mother of graduate Ephraim Bele, Mrs. Tewabech Kosha, from one of the houses built under the poverty-oriented program.

• The Information Network Security Administration (IMDA) has promised to help Addis Ababa University computer science graduate Ephraim Bele and his mother Mrs. Tewabech Kosha.

• The Minister of Women and Social Affairs Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye announced that 126 Ethiopians who were in prison and in difficult conditions in Tanzania have been released and returned to their country.

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