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The ministry received equipment worth 7 million birr

New Media Network (AMN) June 22, 2014

The Ministry of Water and Energy announced that it has received 7 million birr data collection equipment from Royal Igel Camp.

The devices are said to be capable of collecting and transmitting river flow, groundwater level, soil moisture, water quality, and meteorological data to the center on their own.

Norbert Peter ተወ, a representative of the Royal Igel Campus, who delivered 18 equipment, said he was interested in working with the Ministry of Water and Energy.

He said the institute is ready to share its experience and will continue to provide similar support.

Thanks to the support, the Minister of Water and Energy, Dr. Engineer Habtamu Itefa, said:

He said the ministry plans to modernize its water-related data collection system.

Tegenu Zerfu, project manager for the “Inclusion and Valuation of Water for Sustainable Growth” project in collaboration with the Netherlands Water Authority and other institutions, on his part said the equipment will enable the Ministry to collect and use reliable data on water use, water licensing, classification and water quality monitoring.

According to information received from the Ministry, technical support and capacity building training will be provided to the Ministry regarding the installation and use of the equipment.

The project will work to improve water management in the Awash Basin and ensure efficient and equitable use.

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