Artist Veronica Adane amazing birthday celebration

Veronica celebrated her birthday in a very special way. The latest video is released and it is really pleasing to watch

They say we will start in Addis Ababa and finish in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is a project that starts and ends; You said that such a park would start and end in Addis Ababa! “
Mayor Adanech Abebe

Mayor Adanech Abebe presented certificates to the Peace Corps, the Addis Ababa Police Commission, the Addis Ababa City Law Enforcement and the Peace and Security Administration Bureau today.

The commitment of the Peace Corps to the peace of our city; Mayor Adanech Abebe said the development work in our city should be intensified and repeated.

He said the peacekeepers’ work with other security forces to ensure peace in Addis Ababa is not only a matter of Addis Ababa but also a matter of pride for the country.

The forces of destruction are the ones who are armed and you are the ones who brought peace to Addis Ababa. “Thank you for your contribution,” he said.

He urged the peacekeepers to continue to strengthen the city by cleaning up the area and making our city green.

The mayor said the peacekeeping force will continue to be strengthened in practice and organization to make it more effective.

The head of the Peace and Security Administration Bureau, Kenea Yadeta, said that the serious and serious crimes committed by the city administration have been reduced by 15 percent.

“Apart from preventing crime, the peacekeeping force is in the summer,” he said.

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