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Amazing wedding ceremony of diacon Henok and Selamawit

This is just a marvelous wedding ceremony for years. It was full of people who really love diacon Henok and his bride Selamawit.

AD pictures has captured all the very best moments of the wedding ceremony. Sit back, relax and Enjoy the video.


Love and marriage

A young boy asks an elder sitting under a tree about the difference between love and marriage. They put him in a wheat field and told him to pull out a piece of wheat that he thought was big. He went into the field and looked for a large grain of wheat.

At first he saw the big ones, but in the middle he searched for the bigger ones, and then he went on to look for the last ones. But he knew that he had left the elders first. Finally he left the field empty-handed. The old man told them that he was looking for a better son and that he had come without him.

You see, my son, love is like a threshing floor. You’re better off in this world. But when you choose the best, you end up empty-handed.
Explain that love means holding on to what you believe is the greatest thing in life. The boy continued his question: “Okay, marriage.”

They told him to go into the field again and cut down the wheat that he thought was too big. He learned from his mistakes and left the field with a grain of wheat, which he thought was great.
You see, my son, this is what marriage is all about. They said, “There are many more wheat fields than you have now.

There are many people who are rich in appearance, beauty, and inner beauty, but this is enough for me, and you marry the one you choose to be my bone. They say that marriage is much better, that you are content with what you have, and that you love what you have.

Life is full of glitter. Thinking and believing are different. The mind seeks the lusts of the flesh, and the mind wanders in search of spiritual joy. Many people look outside the marriage bond because they choose to pursue a lifestyle that is not based on their own convictions.

When love enters a person, Buhala closes his eyes to the outside world and begins to look only at the person inside. This does not mean that love is blind. Hidden: Man’s enemy is his own heart, and if he does not know who to turn to and who to turn to, he will always be bleeding. Let us save ourselves from the guilt and guilt that comes from the person we brought in for our own temporary benefit, not for the comfort and happiness of our heart.

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