Artist Niberet Gelaw (Eke) “Shimglina” program

I dont know if there is an equivalent word in English to represent “shimgilina”, a ceremony held to ask the girl family their willingness to marry their daughter. We wish all the best to Eke on this amazing life adventure.

I have never lost what I have to write like today.
I did not know what to say. What could be more glorious than to see someone rejoice over you and cry uncontrollably?

The wedding day of my life was the one I was tired of thinking about and it was the day I wanted to spend it in the future so that I could spend it with remote control. But now I see it as the kind of day I want to go back to the remote. The wedding of the Virgin Mary, the host of John’s Gospel, showed me what a wedding is. The church has shown me that I can not only raise her children but also marry and beautify her, which I do not deserve and never deserve.

Archbishop Abune Abraham of Archdiocese of East Wolwa and West Shoa Diocese, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Abune Yakob, Canada Archbishop of Archdiocese: His Holiness Abune Markos Archbishop of New York Diocese What can I say to the love of the Archbishop of the United Arab Emirates, His Holiness Demetrius, who was absent due to service?

Fifteen days after attending the wedding, to my friends from North America, Pastor Andualem II: Rev. Abraham Andarge: Singer Trudy Sileshi
How can I thank Deacon Emmanuel Priest Abraham Zejerman and my unnamed friends from Australia, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Hawassa, Dire Dawa?

How can I thank Abba Gebre Selassie Abba Michael, the Archangel who came to Debre Tabor with gifts for this wedding? What can I say to Pastor Hadis Eshetu Alemayehun and Deacon Berhanu Admas, who honored me as an elder?
Do not leave me alone, for you are the number of monks and nuns who attended this wedding.

Praise be to the Lord of Glory for making this wedding look like a baptismal celebration, from the oldest to the most recent singers.
I truly thank all of my Ijat family members for the small vocal deacons who sang “Jan Yared Singers” and “Wonderful Mazaki Enoch”.

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