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Asfaw and Liya wedding on Ebs show

Liya and Asfaw were working in ebs television. Asfaw is known for his role on Sunday show. He is popular in his own right.

Historian Professor Bahru Zewde says conflicts in history should be resolved in order to create national consensus in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Historians’ Association, which was established a year ago in collaboration with the Ministry of Peace and the State of Ethiopia, is holding a forum under the theme “The Role of History in Creating National Consensus”.

The interim president of the Ethiopian Historians Association, Professor Bahru Zewde, said: Sixty years ago, the writing of Ethiopian professional history began with the former Haile Selassie I, now Addis Ababa University.
He said Ethiopia’s history has been following professional writing for 60 years, but it has not been able to influence citizens.

He said the course will focus on Ethiopia’s history writing journey, history education for undergraduate university students, historical conflicts and other historical issues.

Although history can be taught at most universities in Ethiopia, differences in understanding of history have not been narrowed, he said.

He said the process of building the Ethiopian state is challenging. “There is no country in the world where a bedrock state has been built,” he said.
The Minister of Peace, Benalif Andualem, on his part said that the history of Ethiopia has been replaced by narrative, which has made it difficult for citizens to understand the history of their country.

He said the current national problem cannot be solved without consulting and in-depth discussion on Ethiopian history.
He said the distorted understanding of history and the transformation of history into narratives have led to our national failure. He also said that the major failure of Ethiopian politics is rooted in history.
He also said that historians should advise and create awareness so that the generation knows the history well and has the knowledge of history to cross the country.

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