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Artist Halima Abdurahman has a change of mind

Halima repeatedly told her fans that she is not thinking about getting married rather she just wanted to have a kid. But as of today she has a change of mind and that will be soon announced.

Preparations are underway to develop wheat in Kuta Getem in Arsi Zone for the upcoming harvest season, according to the zone’s Chief Administrator, Musa Fro.

A Farmers’ Festival was held in Koji town of Arsi Zone of Oromia State with the aim of strengthening brotherhood and solidarity among farmers.

The festival was attended by local farmers, including officials from the federal and Oromia regions. An exhibition showcasing the culture and products of the zone as well as traditional food.

It is also stated that the festival strengthens brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation among farmers.

Arsi Zone Chief Administrator Musa Fro; He said the preparation of the festival will help the farmers find a platform to share their experiences.
He said the preparation of the festival will help the farmers work for better results as Ethiopia is working to replace its wheat imports domestically.

He said necessary arrangements have been made for the farmers in the zone to cultivate wheat in Kuta Getem.
Arsi Zone is known for producing wheat and barley in Kuta. More recently, it has become known as a major hub for wheat production, including irrigation.

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