Ebs Journalist Mekdes Debesay feared second video release

Ebs Journalist Mekdes tsegaye second video.

The state’s Culture and Tourism Bureau said it has earned 330 million birr from tourists who visited the state in the past nine months.

Deputy Head of the Bureau, Frehiwot Dubale, told ENA today

Available from nearly 3 million tourists who visit various tourist attractions in the region
It is for domestic and foreign tourists.

He said more than 27,000 are foreign tourists. He said the rest were domestic tourists.
He said 330 million birr earned from the promotion of various tourist attractions in the state has increased compared to previous years.

The 10th National Tourism Research Conference has been held in Semera under the theme “Tourism for Job Creation”.

The conference was organized by the Ethiopian Tourism Training Institute in collaboration with the Afar Culture and Tourism Bureau and Semera University.

It is expected that research papers will be presented at the forum entitled “Tourism is an economic stimulus and the realities of Afar region tourism challenges and opportunities”.
Leaders of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Labor and Tourism, the head of the Tourism Training Institute, the head of the regional culture and tourism and the president of Semera University were present at the forum.

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