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Ethiopian giants met for the first time

jimma nagawo and berhe

Agreement was reached to work in the mining sector in a coordinated manner.

The Ministry of Mines and Skills agrees to work in a coordinated manner in the mining sector.

It is also stated that the mining sector will work together to make the sector more profitable and safe.

The Ministry of Mines has agreed to work with the Ministry of Labor and Skills on human resource development, technology, job creation and workplace safety.

Minister of Mines, Engineer Takele Uma, shared on his social media page that mining is an option for thousands of people.

He said the sector will benefit both citizens and the country as it co-ordinates with stakeholders.

jimma nagawo and Berhe

More than 7.5 billion birr needed to rehabilitate Ethiopians returning from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia needs over 7.5 billion birr to repatriate exiled citizens.

The Ministry of Works and Skills calls on all to support the repatriation of returnees.

Teferi Tadesse, chairperson of the Rehabilitation Committee for Refugees, told EPD: He said there are more than 750,000 people living in various Arab countries, of which 450,000 have gone illegally and 102,000 are expected to be repatriated in 7 to 12 months.

He said the government, non-governmental organizations, financial institutions and other stakeholders should work hard for this.

In this regard, it is important to consider the possibility of creating favorable conditions for financial institutions, especially banks. It is also stated that financial and credit conditions should be facilitated.

According to the World Bank’s Director of Coordination and Fundraising, Ms. Alemlay saw it. He explained that his bank was working closely with the government on the matter.

According to Alemlay, Mother Bank, which was established with more than 60 percent female shareholders, is working hard to empower citizens, especially women.

He said they intend to provide large loans to returnees and internally displaced women without a bond or only 50 to 70 percent.

In the nine years since its inception, the Director General has provided loans to microfinance institutions. He said the institutions will continue to strengthen their efforts to provide better loans to women in rural areas.

Bank of Abyssinia Credit Portfolio Director Tewodros Haile He praised the government for its efforts to repatriate and rehabilitate victims of persecution and torture. He said the bank was ready to do everything possible for the displaced following the government’s efforts.

He said Abyssinia Bank, which is striving for international competitiveness, has been working hard not only to increase the shareholder share but also to fulfill its social responsibility.

According to Tewodros, banks and other financial institutions also play an important role in rehabilitating returnees and internally displaced persons. He also said that the Bank of Abyssinia will implement important measures to facilitate loans on behalf of the government.

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