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Work is underway to maintain product quality – Ministry of Trade and Regional Coordination.

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation said it is working to maintain the quality of production.

The government has been working to improve the quality of its products, but has not been able to bring about the desired change.

It is said that the implementation of the African Union Trade Agreement signed by Ethiopia will increase the need to focus on product quality.

The government is also focusing on product quality to participate in the 1.3 billion African trade zone, which has a turnover of $ 3 trillion.

It is said that the ministry has modernized the business registration and licensing system and has started providing the service online.

He called on all stakeholders to play their part in modernizing the business system.

According to information obtained from the Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations, the Ministry has discussed with manufacturers, importers and stakeholders on the quality of goods and services and the use of branded products.

Agreement was reached to work in the mining sector in a coordinated manner.

The Ministry of Mines and Skills agrees to work in a coordinated manner in the mining sector.

It is also stated that the mining sector will work together to make the sector more profitable and safe.

The Ministry of Mines has agreed to work with the Ministry of Labor and Skills on human resource development, technology, job creation and workplace safety.

Minister of Mines, Engineer Takele Uma, shared on his social media page that mining is an option for thousands of people.

He said the sector will benefit both citizens and the country as it co-ordinates with stakeholders.

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