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Authorities issue final warning to 4 radio broadcasters.

Ethiopian Media Authority issues final warning to four radio broadcasters.

Warning Radio Broadcasting Licenses: Mursse Multimedia PLC (J Radio Station 106.7), Addis Online Communication and Marketing PLC (Habesha FM Radio 98.7), Tarta Trading Pvt. PLC (Tarta Radio 97.6) and Ethio Warka Multi Media and Communication S.C. (Warka Radio 104.1).

In a statement posted on its social media page, the official said that the licensee, J Radio 106.7, had been operating out of contract and was wasting its limited radio waves since its acquisition.

Despite repeated warnings and warnings from the Authority to use this valuable national and public resource for the purpose of authorized and contracted purposes, it has been noted that nothing has changed on the part of the organization.

Therefore, the authority warned that if the station does not start its regular broadcasts by March 1, 2014, it will automatically cancel its license.

On the other hand, Addis Online, Tarta Trading and Ethio Warka have received a letter of support, warning and warning from the Authority for more than a year after obtaining a license from the Authority’s Commercial Radio Broadcasting Service in accordance with Article 80 of the Media Proclamation No. 1238/2013. It’s been a while.

However, since they have not yet started regular broadcasts, their licenses will be automatically revoked if they do not start regular broadcasts by the end of March 1, 2014.

Therefore, if the companies do not comply with the final warning given and do not start broadcasting by March 10, the Media Authority has announced that it will use the limited amount of radio waves for the benefit of the country and the people.

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