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The members of the National Consultative Commission have been elected in accordance with the law and principles, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the members of the National Consultative Commission were elected in accordance with the law and principles.

He said the members of the commission are more inclusive of different races, religions and genders.

He said if the issues raised by the constitution are not resolved, it will lead to a referendum and the people will decide.

In this regard, he called on the House to facilitate the election board to lead the referendum process responsibly.

Asked if there were any talks with the TPLF, the prime minister said, “No negotiations have taken place yet.”

However, the Prime Minister said that this does not mean that there will be no negotiations.

He said the National Consultative Forum should be transparent, inclusive and participatory.

The Prime Minister has stated that the question of the division of power will not be part of the National Consultative Conference.

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