The tragic incident on banker Seble Nigussie

Sixty-six people have been killed in road accidents in the southern region in the past six months.

According to Tamrat Desalegn, Deputy Inspector of Information and Statistics Division of the Regional Traffic Prevention Directorate, 375 traffic accidents have taken place in the state in the past six months.

In addition to the 196 deaths, 1,196 were seriously injured and eight were slightly injured. More than 10 million birr worth of property has been destroyed in the region in the past six months.

South Omo, Gamo, Gedio and Gurage zones are among the worst hit zones in the region.

Deputy Inspector Tamrat Desalegn told Bisrat Radio in particular that the number of fatalities in the region has been high during the budget year.

The Akaki-Kaliti sub-city is one of the worst in the past six months

The Akaki-Kaliti sub-city has recorded the highest number of accidents in the last six months of the current budget year, with 38 accidents reported in the sub-city, according to the Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission.

The commission’s public relations expert, Nigatu Mamo, told Bisrat Radio that 27 of the accidents in Akaki-Kaliti sub-city were caused by fire and a total of 38 accidents, including 11.

The commission said that after Akaki-Kaliti sub-city, 26 accidents were reported in Kolfe Keranio, second and third place respectively.

The commission said 218 accidents have occurred in Addis Ababa over the past six months, of which 125 were fires.

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