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The association provided an estimated 2.5 million birr assistance to vulnerable people.

The Christian Charities and Development Association has donated 2.5 million birr in aid to the war-torn people of Amhara and Afar states.

The support was provided to people in Shoa Robit and Debre Sina towns of Amhara State, as well as in Sumurobi Woreda of Afar State.
He said the war has affected many civilians and that strong cooperation and support is needed.

He said 550 cartons of cooking oil, 11 bonnet blankets, 1,116 cartons of pasta and 260 quintals of bread flour have been donated to help those affected by the war.

He said 440 cartons of oil, 176 quintals of bread flour, 446 cartons of pasta, 50 mattresses and other support have been provided to Sumurobi Woreda of Afar State.

He further said that discussions have been held with local administrations to identify damaged infrastructure in the war to participate in the reconstruction and to provide psychological training to the injured women.

North Shoa Zone Disaster Prevention and Food Security Office Head, Baw Melese, said the union’s efforts to identify the affected areas are appropriate.

For his part, Humeu Adam, Deputy Administrator and Head of the Security Office of Samurobi Woreda in Afar State, According to ENA, he expressed his gratitude for the food and other assistance provided.

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