Breaking News: Jawar Mohammed released pardoned

Ethiopia released all political prisoners aiming for national dialogue.

Ethiopia will make any sacrifice for lasting national unity.

The government strongly believes that Ethiopia’s problems must be addressed in a comprehensive manner. He has been making this clear since the beginning of this change. Like various medicines to cure a disease, a national problem must be solved by all means.

Ethiopia is facing attacks from all directions with its brave children. We have defeated the voices and patriotic Ethiopians who are trying to challenge us in the international arena. The government is working to establish an independent national consultative commission to address outdated political issues through inclusive national consultation.

In all respects, Ethiopia is winning and continuing its journey of change.
The government today pardoned a number of prisoners for a better political environment, as amnesty is one of the moral obligations required for a successful national consultation. This mercy includes those who have been imprisoned in the past and those who have been imprisoned in connection with the recent war.

In making this decision, the government aims to pave the way for a lasting solution to Ethiopia’s problems in a peaceful, non-violent, and national manner. It is also about showing public concern and always showing commitment to a peaceful political government.

The government believes that those who have been pardoned by the government for expanding the political space and for inclusive national consultation will learn from the past and make better political and social contributions to their country and people. The government also hopes that they will contribute to peaceful politics rather than divisive and divisive means.

The government has made this decision on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will never allow repetitive and conflict-ridden practices to be repeated. The government wants justice and mercy to go hand in hand. The government believes that there will be victims in the process.

The wounds of these victims will be compensated by transitional justice. The government and the people will bear the burden of these victims because their illness has cost Ethiopia dearly. Even those who have been released have a responsibility to carry the burden of the victims.

The government has made this decision primarily for Ethiopia to win. The government believes that those who have been pardoned by Ethiopia will understand the value of their pardon so that Ethiopia can reap the benefits of its mercy. Ethiopia’s existing problems can be solved through peaceful politics, generosity and a positive role.

For this, the government will take the lead, even if it costs money. Today, the government has pardoned a number of prisoners for the sake of lasting national unity and peace.

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