Tariku baba and Pipi Tadesse affair

Tariku Baba and Pipi Tadesse had a photo released together on Instagram. And it is talking point among his fans.

Owning a public square means participating in an issue that we have never participated in before, not being part of a community or religion; As you know, the evangelical community was less involved in many national issues because of the need to correct my country in heaven.

So now we have to get rid of this stereotype and move out of our private halls and actively participate in all aspects of worshiping the Lord.

Therefore, the evangelical community must stop and inherit such programs as ownership and participation.

The effects of the war in the country have affected us just as any other Ethiopian. Therefore, it is our duty to increase the time we have been praying and praying for ourselves, and now it is our duty to go out in public and intercede for our country.

One of these is January 1, 2014 at Meskel Square, a time of intercession and worship for Ethiopia. Therefore, it is our duty to go out of our private halls and worship the Lord together in public squares, including in any other meeting place.

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