Fenan Hidru for surprise present on her birthday

As usual, if I had no work to do on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, I would pick up one of the books that my dear friends had given me as a gift, and there was a beautiful tree-lined park near Bole Printing House. I often go there and read books.

Today is Saturday. I went there and chose to read the book The Book of Amen. It is a book given to me by a friend of mine.

I made my way to the printing press on the road from Bole Bridge to the stadium and to Mexico. When I arrived at the printery, I walked down the aisle and walked into the park.

The goats in the neighborhood always make fun of me when I see them. I arrived at the park to pay my respects. A short distance away is a banana and corn field.

And as I was about to arrive, I saw a woman about the same age in the back seat smoking a cigarette.

I softened and sat down on a chair made of clay bricks and cement. It was a beautiful place.

After calming down, I opened my book and began to read A …. But the woman who was smiling was walking in my mind. Her face looked sad.

But as the girl’s condition worsened, I decided to go and ask her what was wrong, and I put the book away. I went to her and she was sitting behind me, not far from me.

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