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About the current situation of artist Mahder Assefa

I do not trust my left neighbors much.
When you go out often you forget to turn off the tap; During the day, they suddenly find themselves floating in the floodwaters, flooding their ankles.
The storm will reach me too. I will keep quiet
When you cook, you forget to unplug the stove
The smell of their gourds fills my room
I wrap my arms around the sharps.

If he forgot, would she not remember? If she forgets, will he not remember?
“Couples are copied from the same source. I have never seen them like them.”

If I have a problem, I just go out of my way to encourage them. Of course, they may think you are going to have dinner, but I do it for the common good.
On Sunday afternoons, I would occasionally go out for coffee and say, “Please, lower the incense. It has been smashed. When the smoke enters through my window, I am shocked to find that the house is on fire.”
In fact, they may think that I am going to drink coffee because of the smell of the incense.
Every time she baked a loaf of bread, I would like to remind her that when she smells of fresh bread, she must turn off the oven.

I smell like coma; The bread is ripe; As soon as he was sentenced, I went and told them to turn off the stove. And now I’m going to tell you, “Don’t go to bed without consuming charcoal.”

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