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Oromia Bank completes lottery draw program.

Oromia Bank has completed its eight-month-long acceptance, adultery and reward program to raise foreign exchange and held a draw at the National Lottery.

According to Oromia Bank’s Receive Adultery Rewards Program, the Diaspora is using the right and appropriate services to promote the culture of saving and to curb the rampant money laundering in Ethiopia. Teferi Mekonnen, President of Oromia Bank, conveyed his congratulatory message to the customers of the lottery.

The first lottery is a Isuzu vehicle, the second lottery is a four-wheeler, the third lottery is a four-wheeler, and the fourth lottery is 40 mobile phones, including a water pump engine and the fifth lottery is 16 solar cells.

Oromia Bank President Teferi Mekonnen told Bisrat Radio that the fourth round of the program will begin in a few weeks.


Eritrean Binyam Girmay has been named the best African cyclist

Eritrean cyclist Binyam Girmay has been named the best cyclist of the year by defeating La Tropical Amisa Bongo in Gabon. The 21-year-old has won the award twice in a row, beating South African Ryan Gibson and his countrymen, Enoch Muluberhan.

Eritreans dominate the individual cycling individually and collectively in the African Cycling Championships. Eritrea has won the men’s title six times in the last ten years alone.

Many Eritrean professional cyclists have been successful at clubs in Europe and South Africa.

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