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Gelana Garoma – Amale Kee new amazing Ethiopian music

Gelana Garoma is a famous afan Oromo singer. The city government says it will hand over more than 63,000 condominiums next month!

Addis Ababa Housing Development Corporation said it is working to fully hand over the houses of condominiums that were drawn three years ago.

More than 63,000 homeowners are expected to move into their homes next month, and the condominiums are located on 16 sites.

Speaking to The Reporter, the corporation’s Deputy Director General, Awraris Kebede, said that despite the pre-handing over of the condominiums, the owners of the condominiums have not been able to receive them.

These are homeowners in the 13th round of 20/80 lots, 40/80 rounds in the second round, and for various reasons such as development initiatives. 2011 According to the lottery, 52,000 houses have been handed over to the lucky ones, of which 47,000 are homeowners.

Individuals working around Hawassa Love Lake were evacuated, but the area has not yet been developed, prompting complaints.

Individuals who had been working for years on Lake Hawassa, one of Hawassa’s most iconic attractions, told Bisrat Radio that they were disappointed that their shops had been demolished three months ago and that the demolition was still under construction.

Young people who used to come to the area for recreation also say that we are upset that the place has become so addictive that it has lost its original appearance.

Responding to the complaint, Tarekegne Darimo, head of the city’s Job Creation and Enterprise Directorate, told Bisrat Radio that the shops in the area were demolished due to the inclusion of Lake Lake in the project.

He said the unions had been allowed to operate on the site for only five years, and that the individuals were older than they should have been and had made a fortune while living there.

He said an agreement has been reached to work on the lake after the completion of the project.

Hawassa, 60 years old, is the first city in Ethiopia to have a modern master plan.

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