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Amazing time with actress Mekdes Tsegaye

Mekdes Tsegaye is a famous Ethiopian actress , model, director and media personality. She is known for her television series Mogachoch.

Improved speed limit device implementation.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, it has decided to provide the service without the need for a speed limiter.

As it is known, new vehicles entering our country were required to install speed limiters in addition to other preconditions and to provide proof of compliance with established standards.

However, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics has told Ethio FM that it has improved the implementation of the speed limit device until the implementation of a system to investigate and address the problem of malpractice and good governance and to find a lasting solution. Announced in a statement.

Therefore, it is decided that the owners who import new vehicles will have to install the service at any time, sign the binding agreement and attach the necessary documents, without having to install a speed limiter on the vehicles, the ministry said.
Transport tariff increase will be announced tomorrow.

Following the increase in the retail price of petrol since December, the Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau said it will announce the tariff increase tomorrow.

It is well known that with the rise in global oil prices, the Petroleum Stabilization Fund has suffered more than ever before, with domestic retail prices rising by 100 percent from neighboring countries and rising retail prices in the country.

The Urban Transport Bureau will study the tariff reform and it will be done tomorrow, said Margawi Head of Communication Bureau.

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