What happened to Selam Tesfaye and Mastewal

Selam Tesfaye released a video while she was singing a song on her car and many have assumed she may had changed her religion. Whereas the controversial figure Mastewal had a thing to say.

The Bureau of Revenue has released a tax return visitor program.
In the last four months, the bureau has collected 25 billion birr and achieved 118 percent of the plan.

The Addis Ababa City Administration Revenue Bureau has achieved 118% of the target by mobilizing 25 billion birr out of the 20 billion birr it planned to raise over the past four months.

Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau Arada Small and Medium Taxpayers Branch “We are working to change this mindset, recognizing that this approach is a destructive perspective for two, but one that is destructive.”

At the beginning of the Bureau of Taxpayers’ Visit Visit Program, a field visit was made to selected “A, B and C” taxpayers.
The visiting taxpayers’ office said it is encouraging not only to be suspicious of the taxpayer community but also to be close at this stage.

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Oromia International Bank S.C. to change its trademark

Oromia International Bank S.C., one of the 16 private banks in the financial industry. , Announces that it will change its logo to a new one

Teferi Mekonnen, President of Oromia International Bank, told Bisrat Radio that the purpose of replacing the 13-year-old logo is to reflect the success of the past years, the bright future and the solid foundation of the present.

He said the new logo is designed to enable customers and other stakeholders to easily identify and remember the Bank’s vision, mission, values, past successes and future goals.

President Teferi Mekonnen told Bisrat Radio that he will continue to support the efforts of the bank to promote its image and attract more customers.

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