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Different views on using contraception

Many people have different views when it comes to birth control for married people. That is why the question of using contraception arises time after time. According to Pastor Chere prominent protestant servant, it is on the interest of the couple. While according to the Orthodox diacon it is neither allowed nor denied.


The bank is to change the name and brand it has been using for the past 13 years

Oromia International Bank announces change of name and logo

The President of the Bank, Teferi Mekonnen, said in a statement on Monday that the bank will change its name and symbol for the past 13 years.

The chairman of the bank, Dr. Gemechu Waktola, explained that the bank was forced to change its name and symbol because it had reached a point where it needed a name and symbol that matched the time and level of the bank.

The bank’s logo and name will be unveiled tomorrow in the presence of guests of honor, he said.

The African Media, Education and Development Forum (ACFF) has appointed Fikre Volunteer as its volunteer ambassador.

Kafur is a coalition of more than 50 expert groups, more than 1,000 media professionals and facilitators of information exchange, African youth development, and creative work.

He announced that he had been selected by the artist as a volunteer ambassador to promote Kafur’s mission for the next two years, facilitate relations with partner institutions, carry out advocacy work and help disseminate successful African stories.

In two years’ time, Kafur will raise awareness among Africans to achieve its goal of transforming the lives of more than one billion Africans in other African countries, from Ethiopia.

“Volunteer Ambassador Artist Fikre needs to organize forums for African youth, debate and discussion, publish exemplary African success stories, and inspire young Africans to be creative,” said Dr. Lawaleley Cole, Executive Director of Kafur.

“I accept volunteer ambassadorship because I believe Africans need to get out of aid and support today by working on education and creativity to help street children,” he said.

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