The tragic passing away of the singer

Drought in Borena zone kills more than 70,000 livestock.

More than 70,000 head of livestock have died in the Borena zone of Oromia State, although no casualties have been reported so far.

The drought is said to have been caused by two factors, one of which is that the Borena area, which has been raining since March 15, is still reeling from the fact that the rains, which cover 70 percent of the region’s water demand, did not arrive on time in 2013.

The second reason is that it covers 30 percent of the area’s water demand.

There are more than 2 million animals in the Borena area, but at present, fodder is popular and it is difficult for them to feed easily, he said.

Elias Mune, president of the Finfine Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, told Bisrat Radio that the problem is becoming more and more serious and needs the support of the society.

A 10-minute car lighting and trumpet show will be held across the country starting at 7 p.m.

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has announced that a 10-minute traffic light and trumpet will be held across the country starting at 7:00 am today.

The Vice President of the Coalition, Tadele Dereswerk, said the opening ceremony will begin at 7:00 am at Addis Ababa’s 4 Kilo Square.

He also said that the Ethiopian Embassy in Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Embassy in Addis Ababa will be able to walk by 4 lanterns in light of traffic lights.

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