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The 16th Nationalities and Nationalities Day will be celebrated by the Dire Dawa administration on November 29. In connection with this, various preparations are underway to celebrate the holiday with great pomp and ceremony to receive the ban on coming to our city of Dire Dawa.

         Following the event, members of the national media from various parts of the country toured the Dire Dawa administration, historical sites and development projects that will boost the city’s economy. One of the public enterprises visited by national media is the Shemu Factory, which is making significant contributions to the economic growth.

       Shemu, a private limited company, was established in 1999 and started producing dry and liquid soap products.

     The factory started operating 14 years ago with a capital of 1 million birr and has now reached a capital of 385 million birr. This capital does not include the summary of the liquid soap project and if it is included it is operating with a capital of over 1 billion birr.

In terms of social development, different levels of soap have been produced and distributed to different sections of the society according to the standard, and in recent times the government has been producing and distributing the most important oil products at a reasonable price to the community.

       The factory now employs 730 full-time workers and more than 300 part-time workers. The factory has the capacity to produce 120 tons of dry soap per day, 60 tons of liquid soap, 120 tons of noodles and 900 tons of oil.

      Shemu Private Limited has 4 factories and other large factories in and around Addis Ababa, which is growing rapidly and covers an area of 50,000 square meters.

      According to Tesfa Michael Guush, General Manager of the factory, the factory has been able to provide 3 million birr to support the country’s current survival campaign.

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