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The most unbelievable relationships

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12th Africa Leather and Leather Products Expo opens in Addis Ababa.

The 12th International Leather and Leather Products and Textile Exhibition has opened in Addis Ababa.

The three-day exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Ethiopian Leather Industry Association.

The exhibition is expected to present the work of more than 100 international leather manufacturers and exporters to more than 4,000 professional traders and industries around the world.

According to the organizers, the participants are expected to play an important role in enhancing Africa’s contribution to the sector by utilizing the continent’s free trade zone as well as the United Nations’ development goals.

The exhibition was attended by more than 25 top fashion designers from South, West and East Africa.


The Ministry of Transport and Logistics said it is finalizing reforms to make its services more efficient and accessible.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Hon.

In her statement, the Minister elaborated on the reforms, the services delegated by the regional and city administrations, the services provided by the private sector, and the services provided by the Ministry.
The full text of the statement is attached below.

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