Saron Ayelign enjoying in Turkey

He graduated 90 students from Western University.

He graduated from Western University in collaboration with Lincoln University in the United States, graduating for the 10th time with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree.

President of the Institute, Abetu Melaku, told Bisrat Radio that the university has been fully accredited to award a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

This year, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln graduated 20 students with a master’s degree and a total of 90 students with a bachelor’s degree in the presence of other dignitaries.

Western University has been providing quality education for the past ten years with full cooperation and agreement with Lincoln University in California, USA.

Bisrat Radio also heard that Western University, in collaboration with Lincoln University Financial Management, has been providing for the first time in our country short-term training on capital market and credit and analysis to bank and other financial professionals.

Roads closed to traffic tomorrow.

A peaceful demonstration will be held in Meskel Square tomorrow in support of the actions of the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF), which is fighting for the survival and unity of the country.

Addis Ababa police announced that Meskel Square and surrounding roads will be closed to traffic for a period of time until the end of the protest.

• Road from Bole Airport to Millennium Hall to Meskel Square Olympia Square

• The road from Megenagna to Meskel Square up and down St. Uriel Church

• Road from 4 km to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Meskel Square National Palace

• Road to Meskel Square on Churchill Avenue, Harambe Hotel

• The road from Mexico Square to Meskel Square for a lighthouse

• Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters

• The road from Saris, Gotera to Meskel Square for Agon Cinema for light vehicles and for the light vehicles around the former 4th Battalion
Addis Ababa Police has issued a message to drivers to be aware of the closure of vehicles in Meskel Square and surrounding roads from 11:00 pm onwards.

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