Dawit Tsige – Anchin Biye (New Ethiopian Music 2021)

Dire Dawa University is graduating more than 3,500 students in various fields of study

The university’s undergraduate and graduate students attend regular, summer, and evening programs.

It is estimated that 1,000 of the students graduating for the 13th time in various fields of study are women.

The graduation ceremony was attended by senior officials of the university’s board, federal and Dire Dawa administrations, ENA reported.


More than 16 tons of food that did not meet the standard
Goods are not allowed to enter the country

More than 16.6 tons of various food items were banned from entering the country due to inspections at the entrances and exits.

The Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration (EEDA) has inspected various imported food products at checkpoints in the past quarter.

As a result, 6 million 188,970 tons of food products such as rice, flour, baby milk, food additives and raw materials have been imported.

However, 16.697 tons of various food items were not imported due to non-compliance.

According to information obtained by Bisrat from the Authority, the food products were found to be spoiled during the journey, and were found to be of poor quality and safety.

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