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Teddy Afro released a new music audio on his YouTube channel yesterday and it has got more than one million views in less than 24 hours.

It is four o’clock in the evening. He is driving from Mexico City to Grand Square. It is a comfortable and wide road. He sees some rushing pedestrians, and lovers who hug and end their love life. Before choosing the one that will take you to Bole, think about all the four designs and life has many designs. The big question is where do you want to go? Otherwise, it is both a way of life and a response.
She is the one who always pulls back, looking forward. She held it forward and disappeared. Surprisingly, today he still thinks about her. He wants to stop thinking about her, but he can’t.

When he thought about the night, he thought he loved to see the moon and the stars. . . When he thinks of love, he thinks of many things that have not been done since he started with her. . . It was her love that stood in a place where he had never dreamed he would be able to stand, even though he had never imagined the heights to cross the river.

She is always there, but she is not on her side.

He wants her to succeed, to hold her hand. Why doesn’t she love me for who I am? Her love for him hid everything. He has nothing to do with overcoming the contempt of her family and making Sarah his own. She lost her identity and her dream to be proud of him. . . They snatched it away. Everything that happened today is for her.

Her love for the magnificent and invincible, from the outside, haunted their majestic home. Her family stopped him in the living room.

There, in the living room, she was stripped of her dignity and humiliation. Her father called her and told her not to talk to him, and they threatened to kill her. Her mother mocked her, her staff spilled dirty water on her; The guard bit him with a dog while her friends dressed; In his speech, in his position, They even ridiculed him as he walked.

And. . . Today, when he thinks of love, many of the dark days of his life come to him, and he never forgets. Even after all these years, the path he has taken is still reminiscent, and he still does not let go.

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