A man who praise his lord

This man praises his lord with full heart. However others with fully functional body fail to pray or praise their creator.

All I wish is mercy and deliverance for this amazing son of God. Let God help him find happiness, his health back and keep serving his creator.

Suggested story,

Her questions were in his head. Some sense of rape seems to be bothering us, and right now it is like a person who has been hurt. To get used to another lifestyle? ”He asks himself,“ It’s not from the lifestyle. A question that scares you. What do I feel about her? Or do I just want you to be my friend? He is thinking of something he does not want to think about. But he did not understand why he did not stop thinking.
As soon as he left the house, he was in a hurry to make a big appointment.

He is careful about his appearance. He loves cleanliness by nature. Nature has endowed him with the ability to care for his eyes from scratched nails; A man with a long, well-groomed man has nothing to do with his body. Even the walk has its own look of pride and majesty.

Solomon arrives early for the appointment
Whenever he thinks of a love life, he says, “Hell, come back.” He didn’t already love Sarah. He said, “That was your beautiful wife.” He believed that this was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life, falling in love with her and doing things after that. He warned her to think back before it all happened, but she did not feel the urge to fly. He still does not like his future journey. But now there is only one way to help a friend: “Eden.”

He got to know Eden through his former colleague, a Samaritan. Although she had never been close to a Samaritan, she called the psychiatrist and said that she was desperate for help. On the day of their first appointment, Eden looked at her and saw the brokenness in her eyes; When he spoke to her, her face was red with blood, and she was covered with blood, embarrassed or frightened. Her voice sounded like a beautiful woman who had lost her self-confidence but needed a little help.

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