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Addisalem and Martha Goytom amazing interview

Martha and Addisalem are famous Ethiopian actresses who have performed on many movies and television dramas. Addisalem is relatively senior when the time she started acting is considered.


We met when we were working for a private company. We fell in love, and I fell in love. But our relationship was often strained.

We will be reconciled to each other. The problem affected our work, so I quit my job and got another job.

But our relationship did not end. I can find her whenever I need her. If she doesn’t want to, she won’t pick up my phone. She just plays with me. She has no respect for me.

I wanted to separate, but I couldn’t. I don’t know what touched her. My friends and family were amazed at my condition. I do not know what our end will be.
She disappears for a whole month. I do not have the courage to be angry. I’m just a toy.
Please tell me how to get out of such a relationship.

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