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Selam, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary, said it has plans to expand its charity.

He said he needed donor support.

Director General of the Institute, Solomon Chali, said the institute is working to increase its services and number of users.

To achieve this, he said, he is working to strengthen his relationship with his partners and promote himself.

Selam Children’s Village will soon be carrying out various fundraising activities to enhance its services.

Tsehai Rosley, the founder of Ethiopia, who started her charity work in Switzerland in 1977 after hearing of the famine in Ethiopia, especially in the Wollo region, has raised more than 1,300 children over the past 35 years.

On the other hand, it is said that it has benefited more than 240,000 citizens through its other services.

We have heard that Selam Children’s Village has opened a technical and vocational training center, a middle clinic, 4 different level schools and a daycare center in addition to the children it raises in two orphanages.

Let us inform you of our Saturday game events tomorrow, October 23, 2021 …

Our Saturday game will kick off Saturday’s event.

In preparation for our stay: American Colmpole Eshete Assefa, a four-star American vocalist, has recently told us about the deaths of Americans.

Memories of Arada; Drama, Enoch Temesgen Times Classics and music parties will be on time.

This week’s guest speaker is Niki Mengesha, Director of the African Division, which broadcasts programs in 17 African languages on American Radio.

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