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Considering the current market situation for Sheger Bread, it was decided to subsidize over 309.3 million birr.

Addis Ababa: October 26, 2014 (FBC) The Addis Ababa City Administration has passed various decisions during its first year meeting of the new cabinet.

Addis Ababa’s structural research reform focused on issues of public interest, in particular road construction, green development, building heights and other related issues, and discussed solutions to address gaps in the city’s planning process in general. .

Accordingly, the city administration has decided to provide 309 million 337,500 birr subsidy to Sheger bread beneficiaries taking into account the current market situation.

Horizon Plantation, a sister company of MIDROC Investment Group, will also contribute 199 million 837,500 birr for the same purpose.

The cabinet discussed the student food price improvement document and decided to provide 1.9 billion birr for the 2014 academic year.

In connection with this, the administration has decided to allocate a total of 144 million birr to provide health insurance coverage to more than 231,000 poor people in the city.

Similarly, it has decided to provide 144 million birr in health insurance coverage to more than 231,000 low-income people in the city.

The cabinet has decided to provide 70 million birr to strengthen the financial capacity of the Addis Ababa City Football Club.

Finally, according to information obtained from the Addis Ababa Press Secretariat, a committee has been set up to assist vulnerable groups in various parts of the country.

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