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Addis Ababa City Administration announced that legal action is being taken against leaders, professionals and brokers involved in illegal land grabbing in the city.

The city administration said preparations are underway to prevent illegal land grabbing.

Deputy General Manager, Tiratu Beyene, briefed the media on the ongoing land grabbing and related issues in the city.

According to Beyene, there is a deep-rooted problem in land and land related issues due to the corrupt practices that preceded the change.

Since the change, there have been organizational and organizational improvements in the land sector, he said.

However, some groups and brokers are conducting illegal land grabbing activities in the city, especially in the expansion areas, he said. .

In particular, the focus of the government and the people is on the peaceful completion of the 6th national elections, the reversal of the war, the filling of the Renaissance Dam, and the formation of a new government, based on past experience. Steps have been taken.

He said the city administration had cleared more than 1,000 hectares of government land in the first half of 2013, but 383.3 hectares of land had been recaptured by unauthorized persons.

He also said that 35 out of 252 sites designated for green development have been fenced off by individuals.

According to Tiratu, out of the 70 places where the cabinet has been decided by the city for religious institutions and other social service providers, 39 of them have not been implemented in accordance with the decision.

As a result, government officials, experts and other stakeholders have been identified and held accountable at all levels, he said.

According to Tiratu, more than 120 leaders and professionals who have been directly involved in malpractice from the sub-city to the woreda have been identified and are being held accountable.

He called on the public to continue their efforts to curb illegal activities and to take part in the efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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