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The Mojo-Meki-Batu road is expected to be open to traffic in a month’s time.

Ethio FM has learned that the Mojo Meki-Batu road will be reopened to traffic in a month after the completion of the work.

Elias Girma, the project’s supervising engineer, told Ethio FM that the rest of the work will be completed and handed over to the toll road enterprise.

When the road is fully operational, it will be able to handle more than 4,000 vehicles a day, according to the project supervisor.

The first phase of the Modjo-Batu Expressway, part of the 92-kilometer Mojo-Hawassa Expressway, was recently completed by Prime Minister Abi Ahmed.

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Message of gratitude to the Head of the Electoral Board, Birtukan Mideksa

You, my country’s political forces, did not compete with me;

If he does not apologize, I will die. I will not stand with him again.

Thank you so much for your good competition, I would like to share this heartfelt cry with you so that the next days of fasting may be a time of goodness and goodness.

Even for those of you who have been on the sidelines for a little bit of a joint venture;

Awakening of my country

Let her people be free from fear and raise their heads

Where we are liberated by knowledge

A world not divided by a narrow inner wall

Where words are copied from the source of truth

Where all hands are stretched out to perfection through tireless effort

They are not immersed in rational old views and streams

Expanding our minds, expanding our thoughts and actions rationally redeemed
Awake in the land of freedom, in the arms of our Creator!

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