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The Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Service Enterprise (ETRA) said about 7,000 Ethiopian containers have been stored at various Chinese ports due to a significant increase in shipments.

Roba Megersa, CEO of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise, told ENA that there is currently a lot of pressure to generate revenue.

“In just a few days, the shipping cost for shipments has increased from $ 3,000 to an average of $ 9,000,” he said.

He said the main reason for this is the lack of containers in pandemic.

According to the CEO, $ 9,200 is being paid for a 40-foot container and $ 5,700 for a 20-foot container.

“The situation is creating a general tendency for the company’s customers to incur unforeseen costs and losses,” he said.

He said Ethiopia is currently carrying about 60 percent of its cargo from 59 different Chinese ports.

In general, he said, the problem has affected Ethiopia because most of the shipments are from China and other countries are not.

As a result of rising shipping costs, containers of goods destined for various destinations in China have been stored.

In particular, shipping companies working with the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise carry up to 80 percent of cargo.

Shipping companies do not want to continue to operate because of rising prices.

As a result, about 7,000 containers could not be unloaded from Chinese ports.

Roba said the enterprise plans to use its own vessels to lift the load.

He also said that there is a plan to purchase containers and to remove medicines and protective equipment in advance.

He also said that the issue is a global one.

“If the problem is resolved quickly, it can be resolved within three months. Otherwise, it could continue until the end of 2021, ”he said.

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