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Mayor Ahmed Mohammed Buh!
New Year’s greetings:
First of all, I would like to wish the people of Ethiopia and the people of Dire Dawa a Happy New Year 2014. On behalf of myself and the Dire Dawa administration, I wish you a peaceful, healthy, loving and united New Year.

New Year is a year in which we give up hope and see new light. It is a special time when we make a covenant with ourselves to carry out our new ideas and plans in a new spirit.

The new year should be a time for us to pledge to overcome the internal and external dangers that threaten the very existence of the country.

The New Year should be a time when we wisely and wisely work together to make Dire Dawa a prosperous and prosperous city, building on the unity of our country and the brotherhood of our people.

New Year individuals only
Instead, institutions plan to implement new jobs, technologies, and operating systems; They also start a new way of doing things in a new way.

Therefore, in the new year, according to the successful 6th national election
Elected from the established Dire Dawa Board of Trustees
I am confident that the new administration will work hard to strengthen institutions, accelerate the development of Dire Dawa and provide satisfying services to the residents.

Finally, I call on all the people of Dire Dawa, as well as all the people of Dire Dawa and friends of Dire Dawa, both at home and abroad, to do their utmost to accelerate the development of Dire Dawa. I wish the New Year a year of peace, love, unity and brotherhood in Ethiopia.
     Good luck !!
      Thank you !!

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