Selam Tesfaye mesmerizing dance in front of her fans

Selam Tesfaye was with her fans on the eve of Ethiopian new year and it was a really amazing opportunity for her followers to meet up with her in person.

On the same day lij Michael has performed on the stage with thousands of his fans attending. He is well known for his great performance on the stage once he got the mic.

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The 15th Addis Ababa Citycup will be held from September 15 to 30 at the Abebe Bikila Stadium.
15th Addis Ababa Citycup from September 15 to 30 at Abebe Bikila Stadium
The Addis Ababa Football Federation has announced that it will abide by the CVID-19 protocol.

A total of eight clubs from the region and South Sudan’s Munuki Club, including four clubs in Addis Ababa, will take part in the competition, according to a draw held this afternoon.
Attending the draw ceremony, Deputy Mayor of Public Service Coordinator, Jantar Abay, said the city administration will provide the necessary support to ensure the successful start and end of the Addis Ababa City Cup in a manner that promotes sportsmanship and brotherhood.
Addis Ababa Sports Commission Commissioner, Belay Dejen, on his part said the city will provide the necessary cooperation to the federation in light of the current situation, materials, monitoring and support.
In category a

1. Ethiopian Coffee
2. Addis Ababa City
3. Defense
4. South Sudan host club Munuki.
In category b

1. St. George,
2. Bahir Dar city,
3. Adama city,
4. Fasil Kenema is assigned.

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