Fenan dancing with dawit tsige song

Fenan dancing with dawit tsige song. Fenan is a famous actress who has graced several Ethiopian movies like Bole Manekiya and others. She has also a dance hobby as you can see here. Here favourite food is Banana.

Banana is your personal doctor!

It can reduce the risk of dying from a stroke by 50-60% !!!

It is recommended to eat bananas for diabetes and anemia!

Bananas, which are said to be found in Ethiopia and are widely consumed in the world, have many benefits. In addition to its nutritional value, bananas contain many nutrients that can cure various ailments.

Most of us have never thought of eating bananas as a source of energy and warmth for our bodies. However, the natural sugar or sweeteners that bananas contain, along with the fiber, fiber, and fructose, combine with the fiber content of bananas.

Here are some of the many benefits of bananas:

1. For mental development
Bananas are high in potassium. This substance is essential for improving and enhancing brain function and for keeping us active and healthy.

2. For stroke
Potassium in bananas helps regulate the blood vessels and prevent sudden and sudden strokes. If bananas are included in the human diet and consumed regularly, they can reduce the risk of stroke and stroke by 50-60 percent.

3. For high blood pressure
Bananas are naturally low in salt and help regulate blood pressure. In addition, potassium is important for regulating blood pressure and preventing serious health problems.

4. For stomach pain
Most of us have come to the conclusion that bananas are a very good food and that bananas can make our stomach ache. Bananas, however, are an effective remedy for stomach problems. Bananas are so soft that they do not cause constipation and can prevent gastric ulcers by covering the stomach area, regulating gastric acid, and balancing the stomach.

5. For depression
Bananas contain a substance called tryptophan that stimulates the production of serotonin in the body.
The main function of this hormone is to relieve fatigue and depression and help us feel better.

6. For constipation
The fiber in bananas is very important for our digestive system. Prevents constipation by providing adequate amounts of water to the digestive system. It helps to keep the intestines soft and helps to get rid of unwanted waste products.

7. For diabetes
Bananas are high in vitamin B6. This lowers blood sugar levels, thus helping to control blood sugar levels. It also relieves morning sickness associated with high blood sugar.

8. Bananas and anemia
The iron content of bananas helps to maintain a high level of hemoglobin in our blood. This prevents anemia caused by hemoglobin deficiency.

9. Bananas for intoxication
When mixed with milk and honey, bananas can easily eliminate hangovers caused by heavy drinking or drunkenness. Bananas also play an important role in rejuvenating and rejuvenating the body. Bananas are a great help in smoking cessation.

10. For hot air
Eating bananas helps people in tropical climates maintain a healthy body temperature and maintain a stable body temperature

11. Additional Benefits of Bananas!
A person who has been bitten by a mosquito or any other insect bite can reduce the swelling by massaging the inside of the banana peel. It can also relieve the burning and burning sensation caused by the bite.

If you wipe your shoes and remove the dirt and rub them with banana peels, your shoes will shine like a mirror.

If your refrigerator smells bad, put a couple of bananas in it. The smell of your fridge changes instantly.

If your body is weak or sick and you do not need food, eat some bananas. You will notice that your body is getting stronger and your appetite is increasing.

In general, bananas, which we all consider simple and unobtrusive, can help prevent and eliminate serious health problems.

So do not spoil this personal medicine by refrigerating it. The compressed air is ideal for bananas – keep it there.

—— Information is power!
Just as a mistake made in a fraction of a second can kill a person, the information you receive in a matter of seconds is an excuse to save your life, so please share your health information with others.

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