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Eregnaye drama is getting more and more exiting. Now Solomon Bogale, Dawit, is getting the heart of the local community and they are following his vision for Abiye Bekalu technical all school renovation.

Dr. Tesfaye Chofa, a lecturer in the Department of Development Economics at the Ethiopian Civil Service University, said the government should closely monitor the activities of institutions at all levels to curb corruption.

He said the government and the society should work together to prevent economic mismanagement during the war.

Dr. Tesfaye made this statement during his time with Addis Zemen newspaper.

Economic manipulation involves any action taken against the economy to weaken the government; Dr. Tesfaye said the government should closely monitor what the institutions at all levels are doing to stop the scam.

Dr. Tesfaye pointed out that the main acts of violence to weaken the government are economic mismanagement, especially during wartime.

He argued that economic mismanagement could be waged by the enemy and the so-called party.

Dr. Tesfaye explains that economic malpractice varies from country to country; In Ethiopia, he told EPD that rising commodity prices, concealment and smuggling could serve as economic scams to weaken the government.

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