Tiktoker Yabsera speaks to Seifu

Tiktoker Yabsra is a fan of JimKery. He has got fame with his short videos on tiktok and now he is the fourth person to appear on Seifu show after Dave sacks, Yuti Nas, and Yetim.

For the New Year, the Lord gave me two sons!

Yesterday, I went to Bole for a job and made an appointment to get to a very nice restaurant. And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat. Somehow I managed to control my anger and drag the children to me. They said they were from Negar. Everyone at the restaurant turned our attention to us.

I got angry with the manager and told him to sit down with me and have a drink. I also think that juice is good for children. I want to invite them. If they need money, I’ll give it to them.
Oh, if it’s like Suma, it’s good. Come in. He just laughed and was surprised. Everyone in the restaurant looked up in amazement.

When we sat down, I asked them their names, and they told me they were saved and called the world. They told me that you live in Mangar, but now my father is gone. They said, “Why are you begging? We are going to school in September to buy books and shoes.” You are the future leaders, doctors, doctors, merchants …
They see me smiling at their tired face.

They said, “We don’t know about your mother.” They said, “No, we don’t know if she died. We didn’t know her.” When I saw that they were unlucky enough to find my mother’s love one day, I wanted to embrace them both. They have no right to ask where their mother is. Somehow I managed to control myself and now if I buy you a notebook and shoes, you will continue to beg. We will not ask. We will go to school. I called the manager, gave him my phone, and when the father of the children came, he called me and connected me. I told them. In a spirit of complete joy, they said yes to me. Well, from now on, I am your mother, I will teach you. No, I can be a mother while living with your father. I always come and ask you. I love you so much. The passengers stop and see us sucking on their lips.

Please help me with your prayers to be a good mother too!

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