Why is Sayat Demissie not engaged or married

Sayat Demissie is a famous actress, model and singer. She came to fame due to her eye catching performance on SLANCHI Amharic movie. She never looked back from that point onwards.

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Dire Dawa Police Commission says the 6th national and regional elections were held peacefully.

The commission has issued a statement to various media outlets regarding the peaceful conclusion of the 6th national and regional elections today.
Dire Dawa Police Commission Commissioner, Alemu Megra, said the commission had planned to go ahead with the election.

Commissioner Alemu Magra on his part said that security operations have been carried out with the help of various security forces as well as to protect observers and the media.

He expressed his gratitude to the Dire Dawa police and other security forces as well as the entire Dire Dawa administration for their tireless efforts during the day and night.

Ahmed Mohamed Buh, Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, conveyed a message on the successful completion of the 6th national election.

Dire Dawa The civilized people – the civilized city

The people of Dire Dawa have elected a representative who will represent them for the next five years without any hesitation.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the residents of our administration, both in urban and rural areas, for the patriotic and far-sightedness of our people that the 6th National Election was conducted without any problems during the pre-election process and on the day of the election.

I would also like to thank the administration and the federal security forces for working day and night to ensure that there is no security problem and that the election is conducted peacefully.

I would also like to thank all the competing parties, the leadership and staff of the Electoral Board, the media, observers, election officials and civic associations for their contribution to the effort to plant Ethiopia’s seedlings.

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