Artist Daniel Tegegn’s wife birthday celebration

Artist Daniel Tegegne celebrated his wives birthday with the presence of many famous artists which have been working alongside him for several years such as Rutha Mengsteab.

In Addis Ababa, all transportation options are available from the morning of the election: Transport Bureau

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau announced that all transportation options will be available in Addis Ababa for tomorrow’s election.

Deputy Head of the Bureau, Yirgalem Berhane, told ENA that preparations have been made for the voting process to prevent transport shortages in the capital.

He said a task force comprising and leading the delivery of transport services has been established.

Taxi drivers and associations; He said public transport companies such as Anbessa, Sheger and Heiger buses, Lada drivers and associations have been able to set work guidelines.

Yirgalem also confirmed that the service will be provided in an efficient manner by adding support buses.

He said all the transportation options in the capital are ready to be delivered from 12 noon.

Additional services will be provided by identifying areas where transportation shortages are likely to occur.

On the day, he said, there will be a solution to the shortage of taxi coordinators and transport coordinating committees.

He said the traffic police, well-dressed office workers and the committee are working together.

The Lion City Bus Service Enterprise has confirmed that it has 665 buses ready for transport.

General Manager of the organization, Ato Gebeyehu Wake; He said an agreement has been reached to work in coordination with the city’s transport services.

He said all bus drivers, technicians, support and operations personnel will be on duty tomorrow.

He said the employees of the organization who received the voter’s card will also be given the opportunity to vote.

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